Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* New version, introducing NEWS.HEADv0.0.0.4masterCMJP2020-07-11
* traduction fran├žaiseCMJP2020-07-11
* Changed UI text; updated translation.CMJP2020-06-29
* Implement proper prefix and access rights handling for installation.CMJP2020-06-28
* Finish migration to gettext.h.CMJP2020-06-21
* Restrict NLS stuff to ENABLE_NLS.Hendrik Oenings2020-06-21
* Move config.h inclusion to top of src.Hendrik Oenings2020-06-21
* Cherry-pick from autotools: Fix some minor errors with gettext use.Hendrik Oenings2020-06-21
* Replaced unnecessary malloc / free.CMJP2020-06-08
* Added basic internationalisation support.v0.0.0.3CMJP2020-06-07
* Added list of upcoming features and wishes for PodGen.CMJP2020-06-06
* Included automatic file renaming / moving routine.v0.0.0.2CMJP2020-06-05
* Added automatic filename conversion with SHA256 checksum; fixed configuration...CMJP2020-06-01
* First minimal version.v0.0.0.1CMJP2020-05-31