BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cmakeMerge branch 'master' into cmakeCMJP3 months
autotoolsMerge branch 'master' into autotoolsCMJP3 months
masterBugfix release. See NEWS.CMJP3 months
v0.0.0.5podgen-  CMJP3 months
v0.0.0.4podgen-  CMJP6 months
v0.0.0.3podgen-  CMJP7 months
v0.0.0.2podgen-  CMJP7 months
v0.0.0.1podgen-  CMJP8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-10-18Bugfix release. See NEWS.HEADv0.0.0.5masterCMJP
2020-10-18Bugfix: Preserve standard (English) date when using NLS.CMJP
2020-07-11New version, introducing NEWS.v0.0.0.4CMJP
2020-07-11traduction fran├žaiseCMJP
2020-06-29Changed UI text; updated translation.CMJP
2020-06-28Implement proper prefix and access rights handling for installation.CMJP
2020-06-21Finish migration to gettext.h.CMJP
2020-06-21Restrict NLS stuff to ENABLE_NLS.Hendrik Oenings
2020-06-21Move config.h inclusion to top of src.Hendrik Oenings
2020-06-21Cherry-pick from autotools: Fix some minor errors with gettext use.Hendrik Oenings